About Being the Source of Love

“Being the Source of Love” is a compilation of book chapters and courses developed by Sheva Carr on her journey through discovering what it would really mean to live from the heart and see life in all its ups and downs, trials and tribulations, from love. But this body of work is not about Sheva- it is about you and what she discovered along the way from her experience that might be meaningful to you. Most of us lead plot-centric lives, giving emphasis to the events of life rather than who we are being and becoming within those experiences. Being the source of love, not the book or the class, but the way of life, is an opportunity to live into and tell your own life story as a character driven adventure in which what happens is less important than who you are and what you bring from within you to what happens. When we source love in any circumstance we grow as souls. You are the main character in Being the Source of Love. The plot, unique to your circumstances, is less interesting than who you become and what you radiate from your heart on the journey.

Welcome aboard!