“Being the Source of Love- A Way of Life You Author Yourself”

In this 8 week course, with regular bonus practice sessions, participants will gain all the resources they need to move from a life of reactivity to a life of creativity, from a life lived in victim consciousness to being conscious co-creators with all that is. This class gives you some of the basic tenets you need and a way to apply them on a daily basis to enter the flow of syncronicity that delights when a human being is revealing light within themselves for the world. Based on Sheva’s 20 years of study and practice in the fields of Oriental Medicine, Kabbalistic Medicine, HeartMath® science and research, Yoga, Physics, and Polarity Therapy, this is a composite of many different traditions coming together as one body of work called “Proactivity Pages” to help you create a life you love, so that you can author and live your unique legacy for the world.
Become a Heart Ambassador™ by Being the Source of Love™!


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